Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hello all,
I've been really busy, I have a really difficult final next week that I have been trying to study for, so I've been putting off uploading videos from the beginning of the semester and making a post of the Today Show and the royal wedding.

The posts will have to wait, because recent developments have made me far too frustrated to deal with technology in any form until after my final.

The video camera I got came with a software that only runs on a Windows operating system. Because I never use Windows, it does not have all the updates and security systems it should. Today when I went to upload my videos from this past week, I noticed that everything I have saved before Rome is gone. And I cannot get them back because of the security I am lacking. Apparently the software I use for my camera automatically replaces finals that have the same file name without asking my permission. Which doesn't make sense because all the files were THERE every time I have saved stuff on my computer before, for some reason everything is gone now.

SO, I cannot deal with it right now, the royal wedding and the today show will be coming after my final in a week, and sorry but the videos from my trip will never make it on the blog.

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