Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today it was really nice outside, so Lauren Kali and  decided to go on a picnic in Hyde park. They have a speaker thing there where you can stand up and say whatever you want as long as you don;t bad mouth the Queen or start a revolution or something. 
This guy had a lot to day about Libya

It is finally spring here! There were flowers everywhere!

I put a flower in the button hole of my coat :)

There is a Peter Pan statue in the park, so we went a took a picture by it. 
All in all a fun day in London. Tomorrow I leave bright and early at 4:30 ish in the morning to go traveling in Spain, France, and Italy. I will be taking my computer cause I have to sign up for classes while I am in Venice so I will hopefully be doing short updates when I have a spare moment every few days.

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  1. Love the flower pictures! soooo cute!!! looks like your having fun! the Wedding is just a week or so away!!!!