Monday, July 25, 2011

Mega post

Hey, sorry I haven't been posting recently. So get ready for the longest post yet! Grab a snack or go to the bathroom before you read cause there are 60 pictures coming your way! 
Alright, on the 14th we went to Terezin, which was a fortress (but by the time it was built it wasn't needed anymore. It never served it's intended purpose) but during WWII got turned into a work camp. This is a memorial to the people who died there.

Inside the gate.

There were these tunnels that were cool, they were built so if attacked the people inside could sneak around and possibly escape. 


It was a sobering morning. Then we went to a nearby town and went to this old church that had fallen into disrepair and is now a modern art museum. It was really neat, one of my favorite cathedral's I've seen. We also went into these really old tunnels under the town, but it was too dark to take pictures.

The weekend before last we went to Cesky Krumlov.

It is really pretty there.

These people seemed pretty cool. The second day there the 9 of us rented 2 rafts and floated down the river for an hour and a half.

The view from the castle. We toured the castle and went to go see Macbeth (in Czech) at this outdoor theater that was really neat cause the AUDIENCE rotated. And I rally like how they did the art direction, it was kinda Matrix-y. 

This is the theater inside the castle, it was really ahead of its time because there were mechanisms under the stage so they could change the sets in 10 seconds. Back in the day it was the best "special effects" people had ever seen. It looks much deeper then it is, the perspective is really neat.

Under the stage.

On the stage.

Also they keep bears in the moat.

This past week we all shot our projects. (Mine went very well, I edit in 2 days and I'm looking forward to seeing the footage) Anyway in one I was a gypsy and I love my costume (there was also a long red skirt) Anyway I walked around like this for most of the day because it was easier then taking everything off when we changed locations and oddly enough it was the most stylish I have felt in a while if a tad ridiculous.

lets get a close up of the awesome scarf/vest combo shall we?

This weekend we went to Berlin. This is a Greek temple they have in a museum.

Walls of Babylon. 

Really awesome cathedral.

View from the top of said cathedral.

Holocaust monument. We went here at night and once you go into it the boxes get taller and it goes downhill, so it is like a maze. It was sobering until a strange guy with a beard jumped out at my friend and I. Then I did not feel safe at all and we RAN out of there. 

Outside of the cathedral when it was nice outside.

We went to where the ufa studios were (they are still active studios, just called Babelsberg now)

Yesterday we stopped in Dresden on the way back to Prague.

The church we climbed up. The black bricks are all that remain of the original church.

Martin Luther!!!!!

My friend Tom and I climbed to the top of yet another church (one that was completely destroyed in WWII during the bombing and has just recently been rebuilt) Dresden is really beautiful.

Today we went to the Czech film studios (Barrandov studios) We met with this lady who makes puppets for the animation films and comercials they do. 

Hand painted! 

This is her, she was so sweet!

Horses (apparently the white one was used in Prince Caspian) 

We also went to these library in Prague. I fell in love with the one above! Its a philosophy one ad the other one is a religion one. But both are SO PRETTY!