Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hey there! sorry for the hiatus (on a related note, Kali found my videos! I just already deleted the ones I took on the day of the royal wedding, BUT all my other ones are ok!)
Anyway, I'm working on getting all the videos uploaded to youtube so I can put them on the blog, but that's taking a while SO I'll jump ahead to my latest adventure! 
Last night I went to see Hamlet at the Globe Theater! 
This is the view from where we sat. 
It was beyond cool! 
We thought about being groundlings, but then decided to get real seats because 3 hours is  long time to be standing! 

All the groundlings.

Julia came into London to see the show as well, this is the view from where she was. Before the show started the actors came onto stage and were talking with the groundlings. 

Kali and I from where Julia sat. We went into the theater kinda early and it was pretty empty until about 5 minutes before the show, them BAM everyone came out of nowhere and the place was filled. 

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