Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So yesterday kali and I woke up super early to get the bus to Standsted and fly to Madrid! Once we arrived we waited for over an hour  trying to find the bag we checked before we found out we were waiting at the wrong place (that airport is confusing, so no haters!)
we ran through the metro system to our hostel, checked in and barely made it to the New Europe free tour in la Plaza Mayor (we are champs). After the tour, which was amazing, we went to go see an Egyptian tomb that was given to Spain as a gift, the plaza where they have a statue of Don Qujoite and a market that was nearby, and then we had some AMAZING paella for dinner. After that we went back to the hostel, drank some free sangria with some people there who were hangin out (our hostel has free sangria every monday night, cool right?) and then went to get some chocolate churros, which were so so so delicious.
today we slept in a little bit and then went to the Palacio Real. I thought Versailles was ornate, but this took it to a whole new level of ridiculous and beautiful. Then we stopped at el Museo de Jamon to grab some lunch, walked over to el Parque de el Retiro and picniced and then rented a rowboat for 45 minutes and rowed around a little lake they have there.
Then we went back to the Plaza de Mayor to meet up with New Europe again for a tapas tour, which was amazing. Tapas are little portions of food that you get with a drink, kinda to hold you over to dinner which is normally at 10 pm here. We went to 4 different places and had tapas and sangria at each. at the last place we tried pigs ear, which was absolutely disqusting. but olives her are amazing. i hate olives at home, but ones here are delicious probably because they are more or less fresh.
Now I am back at the hostel and Kali and I are going to check out a pub tonight that our travel book said had free flamanco on tuesdays. if not, maybe get chocolate churros again, who knows!
I really love spain, i will acutally miss madrid even though i have only been here for 2 days. the style of the city kinda reminds me of paris, winding streets and whatnot, but madrid is much more walkable and people don´t seem to take themselves as seriously here. it also proably has something to do with the fact that I speak the language well enough to get by (me encanta hablando español y recuerdo mas porque es en todas partes) (thats proably not gramatically correct)and it is sunny and warm here.
tomorrow we are going to valencia!

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