Sunday, April 10, 2011

last day in españa

Today kali and I went to the Park Güell to see this lizard that we have been seeing on basically every single piece of tourist stuff in barcelona. This park is pretty sweet. It was designed by Gaudi (he did the Sagrada Familia) so everything was all squigally and pretty and stuff.We walked around for a while and got some really cool views of the city from waaaaay up on the hill it was on but it just too dang hot outside to stay there for as lng as we intended.
Then we went back to waner on Las Ramblas for a while and now we are chillin in the air conditioning at the hostel before we go to the train station.
We have been seeing this family around this weekend. They went with us on the tapas/flamanco thing and then we saw them on the walking tour the next morning (although they went on a Gaudi one and we went on the gothic/historical one) then we saw them at the sagrada Familia and today as we were walking up this giant hill to the park we saw them coming down again! It has gotten to the point where it is hilarious and a lil awkward whenever we see them, and they didnt see us today or at teh Sagrada Familia (which is good because those of you who know me know that I am AMAZING at handleing awkward situations with all kinds of class and dignity).
But yeah, they are now  "our family" and guess what? they live in the town literally right next to Kali so she might see them in real life yaaaaaay!
anyway, thats all :)
Adiós España.

btw I am sorry about any spelling errors that probably occured in these past few blog posts. Spelling is by no means my strong point and the spell check here is in spanish so it really offers me no help at all.

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