Monday, April 25, 2011


Florence was really fun, we followed the Go Europe travel book for the most part, and it didn't steer us wrong!
We went to the Uffizi and the Academia and saw the David statue. We also went to this really awesome outdoor market for lunch. 

there were Davids everywhere!

We went to the Duomo, it is not that impressive on the inside, but the outside looks really cool!

The inside.

We walked by a pet shop, and there were all these little bity bunnies in the window. 

This is the view from the terrace of the museum that David was in. Florence is the prettiest city in Italy we went to in my opinion.

In one of the museums there was a Mona Lisa that you could put your face in.

The lift in our hotel. It was so tiny!

We went to what Let's Go calls "the most scenic damn parking lot you've ever seen" And boy they were right!
These are the stairs we hiked up on the way there.

The view! It was really amazing!

The Duomo.
After the parking lot, we we to the palace which has 6 museums in it, but the line was so long that we only had time to quickly go through the fashion museum before we had to catch our train to Pisa.

The palace.

The leaning tower of Pisa! The postcards don't lie that thing is seriously tilted.

We were "those people" for a while, embracing being a tourist is really fun sometimes!

Thinking outside the box a little bit with the tourist photos.

There was another Duomo in Pisa, it had the same architecture style. 

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