Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Valencia day 1

Today kali and I left Madrid in the morning (a didn´t miss our train or anything!) and arrived in Valencia around 11:30. We went to the hostel and decided to explore the city. There aren´t actually that many touristy things in Valencia, but we basically did them all except for the City or Arts and Science because its kinda not close to anything else. But we saw all the major things in the old city center and walked around this massive park and even got to go inside the bull ring where they have the bull fights. We also went to this giant market that sold fruits and meat and stuff (I have yet to see a grocery store anywhere in Spain). They basically eat every single part of an animal here. I saw pig/cow ears, tails, feet, heart, brain, tongue, spinal chord, and penis, all for sale at this market. (I tried pig ear last night, not good. not good at all. never again). All in all a pretty cool day. Tomorrow we are going to the beach for the day :)

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