Saturday, April 9, 2011


Ok, so Kali and I spent our second day in Valencia at the beach in the morning and then we went to the science museum in The City of Arts and Sciences, which was really cool. That place is really pretty and cool and modern looking, I glad we could make it over there.
We got into Barcelon yesterday morning. First we tried to find Las Ramblas, but ended up going in the complete opposite direction cause we assumed the major street we came in on was the major street we were looking for (cause who ever heard of a big city having more than one large street right? not us apparently). But we found it! We followed it to the Columbus Monument on the end. (Its funny cause the statue is actually facing east, away from North America) You can go to the top, so we squeezed into this teeny tiny lift and got to see most of Barcelona from up high, which was neat. Then we went to the Picasso museum and to this other cool design museum that I forget the name of. Then we took a siesta (what a great tradition) and that night went to a flamanco show.
Today I realized that I left my planner and journal no the train yesterday so we went to the train station in the morning, but lost property is closed on weekends (cause people only loose things on weekdays). When it is open on Monday I will be in France, but hopefully they a)have my stuff and b)can ship it to me. So I was kinda really upset about that BUT
today we went on a walking tour of historical Barcelona which was neat and then we went  to this really really big market and got a TON of fruit for lunch. Ie notiecd that I have been really fruit deprived abroad, especially compared to Miami where I could go to the dining hall and have an endless supply of bananas and pineapple whenever I wanted. So for lunch I had pineapple and strawberrys and a papaya smoothie and it was amazing.
Then we went to see the Sagrada Familia. That place is seriously beautiful. Absolutely amazing. Then tonight we went to the plaza Españya to the ¨magic fountain¨ where they have a cool light show at the fountain every 15 minutes or so. Then we climbed to the top of the hill behind the fountain to see the city at night and now I am back at the hostel so yay.

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