Saturday, April 23, 2011


So I realize that my posting during my trip fell off after I left Spain. I had WiFi/Internet access in Montpellier and Nice, so I assumed I would be able to keep updating later when I was in Italy. Not the case. Most hostels in Italy only had wireless in the lobby (and I wasn't about to broadcast the fact that I was traveling with a Macbook Pro to the entire hostel) and our one in Rome didn't have any at all.
So aplologies.
Kali and I took a train from Barcelona to Montpellier. (I never did get my stuff back that I left on the train btw, but back in London I bought the exact same planner and journal and I got a little replacement journal for the rest of the trip). We stayed the night in Montpellier in a hotel that seemed SUPER nice after sharing a room with 12 people in Barcelona.
This is about all we saw of Montpellier, the view from our window. 
The next day we arrived in Nice.
Nice is beautiful!

 The square where we had lunch.
 The beach!
 After lunch and a bit of exploring, Kali and I decided to climb to the top of this hill, which has a really great view of Nice.
 90 meters up. Not a problem!
 This is the view from the first stop on the way up, about 3/4 I think.

 Lots of gratuitous pictures of the ocean.
 The view from the other side, towards the harbor.

 The beach at night!
 The next day we went to a market to look around. You can;t really tell from this picture, but these peppers are HUGE! the yellow peppers are normal size, compare them to those. Or, the eggplants next to them.
 I loved this spice stand. So many spices! So pretty!
We ended our stay in Nice at the beach for an hour or so before we had to catch out train. Wish I could have swam, but the water was too cold and I didn't want to be wet on the train. This beach was nice in that it wasn't super hot like the beaches I am used to in Miami, but there was rocks instead of sand. Really smooth rocks, so walking didn't hurt, but it was sure different.
Anyway them we found our way back to the train station for a mega long train trip to Venice!

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