Monday, February 21, 2011

a whole pint of Guniess=challenge completed! (1st day in Dublin)

This past weekend Allison, Lauren, Kali and I went to IRELAND!!!!! Specifically Dublin, although we did go on a day trip (more on that later). 
We flew out Friday morning with some of our other friends from QM Thomas, Kasi, and Abby. This was quite the voyage because we took the tube to the train, the train to the airport, the airport to Dublin and then a bus from the airport to the hostel. But we made it! The hostel we stayed at was called Isaac's Hostel. I would honestly recommend it to anyone going to Dublin. 
 After we checked out the hostel, we met up with a friend of Allison's who is studying abroad in Dublin named Andrew, got bus passes for the weekend, and headed on over to the Guiness Storehouse.

outside the Guiness Storehouse
It was kinda cool. You walked around a self-guided tour that was all about how Guiness was made, which to be honest, I didn't find all that interesting, but it was alright.
What was interesting is that apparently there is a certain way you are supposed to pour a pint of Guiness. Here are the steps folks: if you have been doing it wrong it is time to change your ways.

Got all that? according to another sign it should take 119.5 seconds. So, you know, practice and time yourselves or whatnot. 
 After you finished the tour, you went up to the bar they have at the very top of the Storehouse that has all glass walls so you can look around the city. you couldn't see that far because it was raining, but it was still a really cool view.  We also all got a free pint of Guiness.

a view outside
Finishing a whole pint of Guiness was a CHALLENGE! That stuff is filling! Oh my goodness. Halfway through the tour, you got about 1/4 of a pint to taste, so I actually went above and beyond here. Lauren, Kali and I stayed in the bar until they closed and kicked us out because we WERE finishing our pint gosh darn it! And we all did!

I liked how Guiness tasted, but I don't think I will be drinking one for a while.
After that we headed back to grab dinned and go back to the hostel.
Isaac's hostel has a sister hostel around the corner, and every night they have a free movie night where whoever want to watch a movie can come and pick one to play in their common area. We went over and the four of us decided on Pretty Woman. By the end of the movie we were still watching it, but so were about 6 older guys. It was hilarious.
Thus was the end of day 1!

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  1. This takes me back! I did the Guinness challenge too!! ( in 2004) Looks like you had a blast in Ireland!!!

    How did you like the Guinness? was it your first time trying it?

    Miss you!!