Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today i went to a football game! (also known as soccer) The game was Fulham versus Newcastle. ALthough we were sitting in the "neutral" section, we were surrounded by Newcastle fans. So we ended up kinda rooting for Newcastle. Newcastle fans are very very loud, they cheer a lot and sing and use all sorts of colorful profanities! I tried to get some video of the cheers so hopefully I can edit together a sing-along of sorts soon. 
Newcastle lost 0-1, but it was an exciting game. 
It was interesting because maybe 10% of the fans there were girls. During half time I was going against the flow of (all guy) traffic on the stairs, but once they saw I was a girl, most of the people jumped out of my way, many saying things like "sorry love!" Twas funny. In hindsight one of those charming fellows swiped my gloves from my pocket, as they were there when I went to the bathroom and missing when I came back, but I would rather loose my gloves then my keys yes?
Anyway, getting there took an hour and a half but on the way back we made it in about an hour because we decided to switch tube lines so we had less stops. Success! 

Seriously, balls were flying everywhere! there were so fences/nets to catch them from going into the crowd. 

the cutest little kid EVER

after the game those guys in the bright yellow vests surrounded the field in less then 5 seconds. Intense!

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