Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last day!

Thus begins my last day in Ireland! 
We started out by going around the hostel and taking pics. 

cute no? 
anyway, once we had checked out and put our bags in a locker in the basement, we headed over to Phoenix Park.

Phoenix Park is the largest enclosed park in Europe. It was truly massive.
on top of the monument in the previous picture.
What was cool is that there are herds of wild reindeer that live in the park. We were able to get really close to them!

After we had walked around the park we went to see St. Patrick's cathedral. (did you know he's not even Irish? He was born in Britain and was captured by Irish pirates at 15)

What is so special about this house?
Oscar Wilde lived here! He is one of my favorite authors. It took us a while to find his house, but we finally did!
Here is me and Oscar Wilde!
Now, I haven't mentioned this before, but in Dublin, lots of people paint their doors. Apparently it is because there were really strict building regulations, so the only way the architect could leave his mark on the building was to make the doorway fancy and paint the door.
Here is the most ornate door I saw this weekend. On other houses the frame was super fancy.
More colorful doors.
Did you know that Ireland's colors are the same as University of Miami's? 
Yeah, they are! Kali and I had to take a picture of us throwing up the U in a gift shop.
Around 5ish we took the shuttle to the airport and headed back to London. We had a really strong tail wind so out flight landed about 20 minutes early! It was strange returning because we didn't have to show our passports, we just handed out boarding passes to a guy behind a desk. We had to go through customs going into Ireland, so I don't know what was up about coming back.
But we made it back to campus by around 10:30, not a bad trip at all!

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