Sunday, February 13, 2011

stonehenge,bath, and BAFTAs

This weekend has been quite busy.
Yesterday I went on a trip the ISH travel club organized to Stonehenge and Bath.
Stonehenge was really cool. There were free audio tours, but I didn't really listen to mine that much. ON the bus ride there our guide gave us a run down on the history of Stonehenge, and the audio tour was basically the same thing with some strange sound effects thrown in.
You can't walk around the stones, but you can get pretty close. They had roped off a walkway that went all the way around, so naturally I took about 50 million pictures from every single angle.

After an hour at Stonehenge, we got back on the bus for another hour ride to Bath. 

 Bath is a really cool place.
We started by going to the Roman Bath house. They also had free audio tours, and I actually listened to some of it this time.
Kali and I wandered around the Bath houses. We were even rebels and touched the water! (its untreated so they told us not to) The water actually looked really really gross. there were brown floaty things in it and it was all green and stuff. Yuck.
 yeah here is a picture of the water. Healing powers or no, there is no way I would swim in this stuff.
They did have a fountain of treated Bath water that you could drink inside. 

 Here is me drinking the Bath water.
It was warm and tasted like iron. Basically like when you cut your finger and stick it in your mouth. It was kinda gross, and didn't even make the sore throat I had feel better. What the heck Bath water? Isn't it supposed to have healing powers?
After the Roman Baths, Kali and I grabbed lunch at a little corner shop and then joined back with the group for a walking tour of bath.
Bath is a very beautiful place.
Nicholas Cage used to have an apartment in Bath, but then he went bankrupt recently and had to sell it.
Jane Austin also used to spend a lot of time in Bath. So of course I had to stop by the Jane Austin Center and get a little notepad with a Pride and Prejudice quote on it. I couldn't take a tour though, there wasn't enough time.

So that was yesterday. Today Kali, Allison and I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to go line up for wristbands to get into the public viewing area of the BAFTAs (British Academy of Film and Television Arts, basically the British Oscars).
And 5 hours later, we were back on campus with our wristbands!!!
I am going to the BAFTAs!
Those are tonight, I will hopefully have another post with all the exciting people I saw.

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