Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Debbie, there's a danger sign! (Ireland day 3)

On Sunday Allison, Lauren, Kali and I went on a day trip to Wicklow county (southern Ireland). The bus picked us up in the morning and we got back around 5:30.
 We started out by driving south. We stopped at a cliff above Guiness Lake. It is called this because the water is so dark and the beach there is so light that it looks like a pint of Guiness with the foam.
Unfortunately it was super foggy and misty. SO you couldn't see the lake. It was kinda cool to peer over the edge of the cliff and seeing absolutely nothing below though.
I also completely ignored a danger sign to get these pictures. I live on the edge.

Next stop was a bridge where they filmed a scene from the movie P.S. I Love You.
I have not seen this movie, nor do I have any desire to, but it was a cool looking bridge, and it was cool to think that a popular movie was filmed there.
By this point, it was still super foggy, but the mist was starting to lift just a little.
We also stopped to see a waterfall, but again it was so misty you couldn't see much.
the lower lake

 Next up was a monastery and 2 lakes in Wicklow.
This was really cool, the monastery was near the bottom of these mountains and then it was a 10 minute walk to the lower lake and another 15 minutes to the upper lake.
I really wanted to be able to see both lakes and explore, so I went off by myself to hike and run around.
Along the way I saw some wild goats in the mountains! It was really cool!
The upper lake

 Here is a path to the ruins of an older church above the upper lake. It was super creepy, there were all the old tombstones around and it was still pretty cloudy and misty outside, and it was all the more creepy because I literally could not see or hear anyone. I scampered on out pretty quickly.

I climbed pretty far up the mountain because there were some signs saying that St. Kevin's cell was up there. When I came back I found out that St. Kevin was the one who founded the monastery, but at the time I had no idea who he was. After a pretty hard trek, I found out that his "cell" is now a 2 foot high wall on a cliff overlooking the lake. Worth it? nope.
But the view was really cool. -------->
After I had climbed as far up the mountain as I was going to go, I headed back to check out the monastery.
It was really cool, the cemetery surrounding it had some fairly recent graves and some super old ones as well, so that was neat. The tour guide said that only people whose families are buried there have a right to also be buried there, and only 9 more people might be buried in that cemetery, which I thought was pretty interesting.

Inside the church.
 After that we went to some small town and grabbed lunch at a pub and then went on to a weaving mill.
The lady there showed us all the machines that they use to weave things and then let us wander around.
I've never really been interested in the weaving process, but it was pretty cool. There were also all these HUGE spools of yarn and thread lying around.

Once we were done at the mill, we headed on back to Dublin. That night we went back to the sister hostel to unwind and watch another movie, this time it was Donnie Darko. Which, in hindsight, is not a really good "sit back and unwind" movie. But whatever. On the way back we passes by the police headquarters. Two really drunk guys were arguing with some policemen outside. We turned the corner and were halfway down to our hostel when one of the drunk guys came sprinting around the corner followed by a policeman who caught him and pinned him to the ground. It startled me like none other, but was kinda funny. All in all  a really cool day. I took some video, but I'm in the middle of writing 3 papers, so once I have made some progress on those I will work on putting the videos up. 

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