Sunday, February 27, 2011

Paris deux

On Friday we woke up early to take the metro to the Sacre Coeur. It is a beautiful church on top of a hill, so there is a really cool view of the city. Usually you can go up to the dome, but they were renovating it and it is closed until April. The inside was still really cool, and the view from the front was amazing. 

 Then we started walking towards the Eiffel Tower. Kali and I had ordered tickets in advance to go to the top at 2, so we had quite a while which was good because it took about 2 hours walking to get there. Along the way we stopped outside the Moulin Rouge. To get there we had to walk through what is essentially the red light district of Paris. There were some interestingly named shops.

 After a ton o walking, we arrived at the Eiffel Tower! We had grabbed some food at a grocery store along the way and picnic ed on a bench while we waited for our time to go up.
The view from the top was absolutely stunning.

 You could see all around the entire city. It was cool to see where we had walked that day and the day before all laid out.  Here is the Arc de Triomphe where we ended the day before.
And the Louvre.
 The church we were at in the morning. waaaaaaay in the distance. I'm really proud that we walked that far!

They had how far it was to major cities all over the world in the direction they were from the Eiffel tower.
 A better picture of the church from the second level.
Kali and I on the second level.
 You could walk up/down from the second floor to the ground and vise versa. There was no way in hell we were walking up, it is 704 steps and we had already walked enough that day thankyouverymuch. So we decided to walk down. It was cool, this is looking up the lift shaft to towards the top of the tower.
After we walked down, we met back up with Hannah, took an obscene number of pictures of us jumping in front of the Eiffel Tower, and headed over to the Louvre. If you go after 6 it is free, so naturally we got there right around 6.
 Here is the Mona Lisa!!!! You could take pictures as long as there was no flash (which I'm finding is the case in most museums in Europe). The Mona Lisa is really unimpressive in real life. It's surprisingly small. But still cool no?
The Louvre used to be a castle, they have the moat still in the basement, they just built on top of it.
 The Louvre at night.

You can see the Eiffel Tower and the Ferris wheel in the distance.
After we saw all we wanted to at the Louvre, we went back to the hostel and got savory crepes for dinner. Note: savory means anything that is not sweet, but its not salty either. So for crepes, sweet ones are, obviously, the kind with chocolate and savory are the ones that are actual meals. 
These crepes were amazing. so so good! Then we went and got this amazing ice cream and got a bottle of wine and hung out at the hostel and went to bed pretty early because we were getting up early the next morning to go to Versailles. 

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