Sunday, February 27, 2011

Paris day 3!

Saturday was our last day in Paris, and we decided to take the metro/train to go see Versailles. When we arrived it was rainy and wet, but we got tickets to see the inside of the castle. 

The inside was amazingly ornate. All the ceilings pretty much looked like this one with huge painting and gold on them.

The hall of mirrors.
 The king's bedroom. In both his and the Queen's bedroom there was a little fence dividing the room. I guess the court would go see the king wake up and go to bed. There was also a dining room where they would eat dinner in front of people. I would think this would be INCREDIBLY awkward, but I mean that's just me.
Queen's bedroom. The last queen to sleep here was Marie Antoinette.
 Outside in the gardens it was still pretty rainy, but I walked around for a while. Hannah and Kali decided they would rather go back to Paris and walk around where they could duck inside if they wanted to, but I wanted to stay. So I stayed and we decided on a time we would all meet back at the hostel. I took far too many pictures, so bear with me here. There are other ones I took on my video camera when I ran out of memory on my point and shoot, so I'll put those up later.

Later on the sun came out and it was really nice. If any of you have been to/know kinda the layout of the gardens there, there is basically a giant lake in the shape of a cross. I walked all the way around it. This last picture is from the far tip of it back towards the castle. I walked around for about 2 hours, most of which was spent going around this lake. Then I headed back to the hostel, got another crepe, and walked around that street looking at shop windows and things until it started raining again. Then I went back to the hostel, met Hannah and Kali, and we chilled for a while inside cause it was still raining. While we were waiting, England was playing France in rugby on TV, so Hannah taught me about rugby. It's a really fun game to watch, so that was cool. England won, so yay?
Anyway we soon headed back to the train station for the ride back into London. All in all a very successful weekend. I really loved Paris. 

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