Friday, January 7, 2011

Right, right. Jolly Good!

Well I made it!!!!!
My parents and I got to Chicago super early on Wednesday (as in 4 hours early) because there was problems printing out my boarding pass because of how long I am staying in Europe. A nice lady at the Springfield airport printed it out for us so I just waited a while at my gate reading and such.
The flight was a long one. I watched the Social Network and then looked at the tracker thingy they have on the screen on the back of the seats, thinking we would be at least into the ocean by now, but we were just over New York and I still had 6 hours of flight left.
Get Economy Plus btw if you fly United. Extra leg room is good!
So I landed, tried to realize that it was Thursday already, got through customs with minimum hassle, and then trekked through Heathrow from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3. 
2 hours later I was on campus. Got my key in literally 2 seconds and went to explore my new room.
Here it be in all its glory.

the loverly view outside my window...

if you look this way you can see the canal and some of the park next door

the bathroom... eek! :/

skyline. apparently there's some construction going on

better pic of the canal/park

This is monumental folks! This is the first time EVER I have had my own room.
But it is on the smaller side with little to no storage space, although the bed does flip up so I can put my suitcases underneath it.
the rest of the day was a blur. My friend from UM Kali arrived, we went to a free dinner (at which they gave everyone beer instead of like soda or water or something. Welcome to the UK I guess!) and went shopping for necessary things like toilet paper and soap.
Today we went to a looooong orientation lecture. Then I went around, got the time tables for my classes, which should hopefully all work out, and officially registered as a student at Queen Mary!
Kali and I are off to brave the Tube in search of a shop Argos where hopefully we will both buy phones.
Yesterday I didn't have access to Internet or a phone and was feeling more then a little lost and detached from the world. Now that I have Internet it is better.
That's all for now! 

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  1. Oh Debbie this is so cool cant wait til I go abroad love the pics keep them coming!