Sunday, January 23, 2011

this morning was quite the event.
So, I've been keeping strange sleeping hours as of late, and was still semi-sleeping at around 9:45ish this morning.
Yup, gaping hole
Until the fire alarm went off. So, still mostly asleep, I stumbled around, but on my fuzzy boots and my coat and had just enough sense to grab my keys and lock the door before joining some of my flat mates in heading outside.
As we are walking down the stairs, I noticed that it was getting a lot warmer. "Oh my goodness, there must be an actual fire!" Then I noticed it was super steamy. Once I got the the 1st floor (for Americans, the 2nd floor) I noticed that there was a HUGE HOLE in the ceiling that water was pouring out of.
Once we were all outside, my flat all found each other ad explained to Kali, who had been at the gym, why the ceiling was raining.
All of Pooley had been evacuated, but after 45 minutes the Center and West wings were allowed to go back in. So we went to our friends flat in the West wing and hung out for a hour in her kitchen. Then Allison got news that at the Curve (a eating place on campus) they were giving a free lunch to those who couldn't go inside. So we went to the Curve, got a soda and some cookies and a voucher for lunch there.
Then this guy in a yellow vest stands up and says "Everyone follow me, to the restaurant!"
Turns out free lunch was at this place called Pride of Asia.
We got quite a few looks as we were walking over there, quite the rag-tag group of about 60 college kids all in various stages of dress.
my wonderful choice in attire
After lunch, Allison, Kali and I headed back, again getting quite a few looks (mostly me though) for our random clothing.
Ran into Hannah by the gym and explained our situation, she felt bad for us while at this point we all thought it was hilarious.
As we were walking to Lauren's flat (she lives in the Center block) we stopped to ask a lady how long it was before we could be let in. She goes "oh, you can go in now".
Not going to lie, I ran back. I was cold! I was wearing shorts the whole time!
I did take some pictures though of the damage, you can also see the loverly outfit I was wearing the whole time.
The alarm rang at about 9:45ish, we were let back in at about 1:30.

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