Saturday, January 8, 2011

Adventure time!

today a group of us decided to go on an adventure. (with the help of our newly purchased Oyster cards) we took a bus to Oxford Circle and, since we didn't really know quite where we were, decided to walk south. We ended up at St. James Park and we really excited when we found out that it is right near Buckingham palace. From there we could see Big Ben, so after stopping in a gift shop we went to see Big Ben, Parliament, and Westminster Abby. Then it was getting dark (which happens around 4 here) so we headed back which was another adventure in itself because 4 lines had delays or were closed today. but we are basically pros at the tube now (not really) and the group made it back all together! yay! 

chillin in a phone booth

Buckingham Palace

a guard (not wearing the red coat tho)

Fellow Springfield-ians! I realize that some of you may have been uneasy about traveling away from the Land of Lincoln. How does one function without our beloved 16th president's constant presence? How can I survive when I don't see that honest face at every turn? Fear not, I found him in London! 

good 'ol Abe

hello Westminster Abbey

I'll be seeing you again soon for that wedding yes?

one of the best pics I've ever taken while walking

Big Ben!

a guard with a horse!

the queens building on my campus

the street my campus is on
walking by oxford circle
 If you want to see exactly where we walked (ish).  it turned out to be quite the hike!

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  1. Looks like you are having fun Debbie!!! I did not know there was an Abe Lincoln statue in London!! Keep up the updates on your adventures and drink lots of tea and crumpets for me!!

    <3 Kristen