Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Squirrels here don't have rabies!

Isn't that cool? So if you wanted to, you could pet them!
My first day of classes was yesterday. I had my German cinema class and Gender and Politics. German cinema is going to be really fascinating and all sorts of fun where I will learn, as my professor said "absolutely masses of information". My Gender and Politics class sounds really interesting too. It is the first time they are teaching that class here, so it is cool because the professor is going to ask us for feedback a lot, and we will decide really what the class discussion is going to be on. Being a guinea pig is fun sometimes. The film industry is like politics in that it has been traditionally male dominated, so it will be interesting to see where the discussions go in terms of applying them to industries outside of British politics.
I had lunch with my friend Hannah today. For those of you who don't know her, she is a Queen Mary student year above me (So in her last year at undergrad here because the British only have 3 years) and studied at UM last year. It was so cool and crazy to see her in England, it was a bit surreal at first. I also signed up for the gym here today so I can keep running here. There are parks nearby, but it gets dark so early and the area it not quite safe for running outside. Also it is cold.
Last night there was a boat cruise on the river for the study abroad kids. It was fun, there was a DJ and a bar on the first floor of the boat and the top was open so there were some really pretty views of London. The downside was that it was FREEZING, but I stayed on the top most of the ride. The boat started at the Tower of London and went west to Big Ben and then turned around and went East to Millennium Stadium and then went back.
tower bridge from the dock

Kali and Lauren

the Eye all lit up

Big Ben again

and Parliament

the Canary Wharf skyline

Millennium Stadium from very far away

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