Friday, January 21, 2011

A few days ago the study abroad advisor here emailed all the exchange kids a list of museums that were all really close to each other in case we wanted to take a day and go see them. SO today Allison, Lauren, Kali and I decided to go check some out.
We only ended up making it to 2 museums, but they were so good and we spent so much time at both that we just didn't have time to go anywhere else and were quite museum-ed out by the end of the day.
It started with us taking the tube on the longest tube ride I have taken thus far. Seriously, long time! Then we headed to the Natural History Museum. We started with the dinosaur exhibit (of course!) and then went to mammals and human biology.
Highlights of the dinosaurs... duh, they were DINOSAURS!
The mammal exhibit had a full scale model of a blue whale, and the human biology exhibit was interesting. Also there was a ton of little school kids running around, which might have been annoying except for they were all wearing cute little uniforms and talking in cute little accents, so it was all good.
Natural History Museum
Also the Natural history Museum is one of the most beautiful buildings inside and out that I have ever seen.

so pretty!

Then we went to lunch and then the Science Museum.


inside, still so pretty!

The Science Museum is a cool place folks! They have all these interactive displays, and in a few what you were doing in the screen changed the lights on the entire room so there were pictures on the walls and floor! It was cool. Of course there were some exhibits, in particular a boat exhibit that there was literally NO ONE in this huge room but us. Which was a little weird, but it was still a really cool place. 
After that we were all quite tired, we did a lot of walking, and since we figured most museums would be closing soon anyway we started the long trip back.

this tiny BMW only had 3 wheels!

here is one of the interactive exhibits

This is an exhibit that we ended up spending far too much time doing because there were all these little games. You can see the floor behind it, the games we were playing changed the design that was projected onto the floor! We only figured that out about halfway through, but once we noticed it the game suddenly because WAY cooler! we were way more excited then the 5 year old next to us...

Allison ended up timing the ride back, and the actual tube ride was about half an hour. 

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