Friday, January 14, 2011

Today Kali and I went to go visit the British Museum.
WOAH DANG that place is huge!
We wandered around for about 2 hours an didn't see even close to half of the stuff in there! And when I say wandered I mean walked strait through some rooms, you could spend all day there and still have more to see especially if you stopped and looked at every display case.
What we did manage to see was pretty cool! Highlights were the Rosetta Stone, and lots of mummies. The cool thing about museums in the UK is that they are all free (except for special limited time exhibits) and you can take pictures in them (either that or they are exceptionally bad at enforcing that rule)
at a place across the street

outside the museum

check out the cool ceiling!

the Rosetta Stone!

 this clock is an example of a clock that clockmakers would make to be considered a "master clockmaker", sort of like a final exam into clock making.
congrats, you passed!
tomorrow my bus leaves for my trip to Canterbury and Dover and 8:15 in the morning... Which will probably be the earliest that I have woken up in a very long time.

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