Saturday, July 2, 2011


After spending the day in Florence on Thursday, I took a night train to Vienna (I was the only one in my compartment, so that was nice that I could spread out to sleep and not have to worry about creepers) and then I switched trains at 9 (train was running half an hour behind schedule) and got into Prague around 2:20. After taking the metro to the dorm (after the London tube, I have noticed that any metro system seems really simple to me, Prague's only has 3 lines!) I went exploring and then met up with the people in my program who were here already and went out.
My room is a step up from my room in London strangely enough, I'll put pics up later, but I have gone from having zero storage space to more then I know what to do with. As of right now, there is no one in the room that shares my bathroom, but I guess I'll see if anyone moves in. I also have my own room, which is unusual, but I'm not complaining!
Tonight my professor from Miami is taking us on a tour of old Prague (near the clock tower and Charles Bridge and stuff) and tomorrow we are going to the Karlovy Vary International film festival.
the festival web site is here

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