Thursday, July 14, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been super busy finishing my storyboard project and writing/re-writing/omg-now-they-hate-it-lets-start-from-square-one-the-day-before-its-due-ing. 
Anyway here is what I;ve been up to the past week or so. 
We went to the Jewish ghetto/temple/graveyard here in Prague. It was neat cause the tombstones are so old, they are all slanty and stuff. 

This was inside a Spanish temple. We weren't supposed to take pics, so thats why its not the best. 

We also went location scouting to this really pretty garden place, which it turned out that no one could use but it was still really pretty.

And it had a maze!

We also went on a day trip to a mining town and got to go in these Medieval silver mines, this is the catherdral in the mining town. 

This is Rudolf Krejcik. He is amazing. He made this documentary during Prague Spring in 1968 that was smuggled out of the country and made in Canada, its called Seven Days to Remember. Look it up. Check out his backpack! He also said I was pretty, that I was awesome at stilts, and pronounces my name "Debbieeeeeeeee". Basically he's my favorite person ever. 

Inside the minig catherdral.

Rudolf again. We went to his house for dinner, it was amazing he had cherry trees and stilts (which I am beast at) and a huge garden. I don't have pics :( but my friends took some and hopefully they will find their way here soon.

A few days ago we went to the "bone church" in Kutna Hora which is decorated with human bones. I thought it was creepy.

Then we went to a cathedral I liked a lot better, look how light and cheery it is! And no bones!

Anyway, this week I;ve been working on my story board project, the past 6 nights I've spent 4 of them on Charles Bridge basically all night long, I think the average amount of sleep I've been getting is 4 hours a night, maybe 3 so I'm pretty wiped out. But I'm happy with my project, my friend Tony was able to write some music for it, which was awesome, and I acted in 2 of my friend's projects and I had some pretty bad-ass roles to play. In one I'm an assassin and in another I'm a vampire. Here is a pic from the vampire one.

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