Thursday, June 30, 2011

family time :)

So, I thought I would put some pics up from when my mom and aunt came to the UK and some updates on Spain with Kathy.
Right now Kathy and I are chilling in her apartment in Florence. We did end up being able to see a bullfight in Madrid, it was really cool in a strange oh-my-god-this-is-kinda-really-disgusting kinda way. For those of you who don't know, yes they really do kill the bulls in a bullfight. To sum it up, first the bull runs around and they wave capes at it. Then these guys on horses come out and they stab the bull twice with spears. Then more cape waving. Then they stick sharp sticks it its back and jump out of the way before it runs them over. Then the real bullfighter comes out, waves his cape all fancy like and then stabs it with a sword in the neck and then more cape waving until the bull falls over. Then they stab it in the head to make sure its dead. We were there for an hour and they killed 3 bulls and one got away cause, as the old lady next to me said, it was "bad".
Anyway, in Barcelona we went to a flamanco show and explored a lot. We were able to meet up with my friend Marlena from Miami and went out to dinner with her friends from the photo program she was doing in Spain. Today we got up at 3:30 to take a taxi to the bus station, a bus to the airport, plane to Pisa, train to Florence.
My train to Vienna then Prague leaves at 9ish tonight, I get in Prague at 2:20ish tomorrow in the afternoon.
where my mom aunt and i had afternoon tea

in Bath by our hotel

cutest little nook ever!

a bitty baby cow in the highlands

westminster back in london

puerta del sol in madrid

bullfight ring

view from our room in Madrid

Gaudi house

chilling in the Giroma airport this morning

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