Sunday, July 3, 2011

Czech-ing out the Karlovy Vary Film Festival!

Aaahhh that joke will NEVER get old!

Anyway, last night all 9 of us in the program met up with Professor Soliday to walk around Old Prague and look at the bridge where we will be shooting our first project later this week. Then we went out for dinner and after walked around some more.
This morning we all met early to take a 2 hour bus ride to the film festival. It was a neat little town, it is famous for having natural mineral healing springs. People will actually get perscriptions from doctors telling them to go get water from certain wells and walk around with these little mugs with spouts for handles. Some of the water is really hot! And all the wells are little fountains that are from natural pressure.
We saw a film, it was not my cup of tea. Story was good, but there were only about 30 shots in the entire film (in this film every scene was its own shot). There was one that was 11 minutes long (I actually didn't have anything against that particualr one) but, regardless, it definatly dragged at times. SO much so that after a few scenes the audience actually clapped that it was over.
But it did sparka lot of debate on the bus ride home.
The directors said that they wanted it to capture a moment in time, like a still photo. And that's pretty much exactly hat they did, editing was minimal as was camera movement. So, mission accomplished in my opinion.

Also, sorry for any spelling mistakes, since I am in the Czech republic, the spell checker checks for misspellings in Czech

here are some pics!
a field of hops on out way there (notice the sky... not a nice day today)

one of the fountains

I was trying to get a pic of this lady drinking from her fancy mug, but then she noticed me. I think I like this one better anyway :)

this town is really beautiful

a geyser they have, it was described as "their Old Faithful" only is goes non-stop

waaaay high up to the ceiling

a pretty church

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