Friday, July 15, 2011

Today we presented our storyboard projects. I went almost last, so everybody was kinda mentally exhausted by the time they got to mine, so I didn't get as much criticism as I had hoped. But, they did point out a few shots I had that were nicely composed and a few editing errors I had missed which was good to hear. Here it is so you guys can judge for yourself.  

Tomorrow we are taking an overnight trip, which should be really fun. Wednesday I shoot my final project. I am being the cinematographer in my group and we are using FAMU's cameras. One of the DPs (cinematographers) on staff Michael (one of my favorite faculty here) knows that I am the only one using the school's camera, so he has taken to randomly popping up around the FAMU buildings wherever we have classes regardless of whether he is teaching that day and giving me mini pop quizzes like 
Me: "Ahh!!! *jump*"
Michael: "WELL?"
Me: "25"
Michael: "yeah! you're right, speak up! speak up! Don't be so jumpy"
And then he'll walk away like he hasn't just popped out of nowhere and scared the crap out of me.

He has also made sure I know things that are nice to know but wont be any use to me really this summer, like how to take my laptop to the editing rooms here and put footage from a DVC tape onto my laptop. That was amusing because he got the editor who helped with our story board projects in on that one and the poor guy (Vit is his name, he is amazing) was so confused simply because Michael was making a HUGE deal about this thing that I don't need to know. 

Here are some pics that my friends with better cameras then me put on the internets. 
Here is a pic of Rudolf, Madison and I at Rudolf's house.
Here is a still from my friend Nathalie's project. I was a vampire! It was fun!

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