Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CHanging of the guard

 On the 10th I went with Lauren to go see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. We got there about and hour early and barely managed to get a decent spot!

 It started raining halfway through (gotta love London in the spring) but it was still pretty cool. It was the Queen's birthday, so a band played Happy Birthday to her before the rain got to be too much and they ran away to protect their instruments.

A lady standing next to us was watching her daughter play in the band, so that was pretty cool. 
After that I went to go meet my friend Ashely and Hannah at the Victoria and Albert museum where we went to a special exhibit they had called "the cult of beauty" about the aesthetic movements in art and design from 1860-1900. Then we went to check out an exhibit they had upstairs about theater. They had costumes from a lot of different shows on display, including the Lion King which I love. They also had a model of one of the stages in London with a little miniature set of Sweeney Todd with switches so you could turn different combinations of lights on and see how they lit the stage/scene. I spent about 10 minutes in front of the little box, it was pretty cool. 
After that I went back to campus to pack up my room and then I went to Hannah's house to meet my friend Julia who came into town from Brighton for the weekend.
The next day I said goodbyes and moved the last of my stuff from my room to Hannah's house and turned in my key to my flat on campus. 

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