Sunday, May 29, 2011

This week Allison, Lauren, Kali and I went to Abbey Road. On the way though in Mile End station, we stopped and looked at a movie that was filming there. 
They had closed off part of the Tube station.

The movie they were filming actually got picked up by Paramount, so look for it in the future, it is starring Clive Owen but he wasn't at Mile End :(
check out the article HERE

This was at the baker Street station, it was all Sherlock Holmes themed.

My loverly handiwork on the wall outside Abbey Road Studios.

Ta Da! Our recreation of the Beatles. We took a bunch of these taking turns of walking and manning the camera. The cars were kinda annoyed by the end of it lol.
To fully appreciate how annoying this must be for the cars, you need to know that at intersections like this one with the white stripes and the striped poles with the lights on top, the pedestrians have he right away. So, if you are standing waiting to cross the road, cars legally have to stop. So now imagine you are driving and a bunch of people are standing by the edge of the road waiting to cross, so you stop. Now imagine these people keep pausing in the street or will cross and then turn straight around or will wave you on as they arrange themselves etc. 
So yeah, cars hate it here.

After we were done with Abbey Road we went to Trafalgar Square to the road leading up to Buckingham Palace. BEcause Obama was visiting, there were American flags hanging as well as Union Jacks.

Yay for special relationships.

There is also a big clock counting down to the Olympics!

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