Monday, May 23, 2011

Le Mis and Ice Bar

This week I've been busy with exams, but I did have 2 adventures. On Tuesday I went and saw Le Mis and tonight I went to this place called the Ice Bar.

This is Kali, Brittany and I outside the theater. 

I was really cool to see this show because I had been in a production of it in high school (I was in the chorus, but had a speaking role as the lead prostitute. I kept running into the problem that I wasn't being sexy enough though. Whoops. )
Anyway it was neat to see a show that I had been involved in done professionally I also noticed that we took a LOT of blocking/choreography from the original. 

This is the view from our seats.
Needless to say, the show was amazing! The sets were incredible (they were these huge pieces that were the walls of the bar, and then they rotated sideways to be the barricade) and the rotating stage was neat and of course the vocals were AMAZING.

Tonight Allison, Lauren and I went to the Ice Bar. You payed for a 40 minute time slot which includes one drink and they give you parkas to wear. Online it said they keep the room at -5 degrees C but when we got there the room was -7. So it was very cold. 
The entire room is made of ice minus the floor and the ceiling. That includes the walls, chairs, glasses, even the bar! 

There was this little tunnel of ice. Check out my stylish parka.

My drink. the glasses were hunks of ice the hollowed out. 

It was really cool and a fun way to celebrate being done with exams for another week or so. My friend Allison is going home on Thursday, so we are all planning a busy week of adventures to fit as many in as possible before she leaves. 
Back to the bar though, 40 minutes was more then enough to get the whole experience in! There was a clock on the wall (in ice of course!) that counted down how much time we had left. We stuck it out till the end, but we were very happy to be back in the warm. 

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