Friday, May 13, 2011

Royal Wedding (finally!)

So, I am halfway done with my exams, so I finally have the time to do a post on the royal wedding!
First, here are some videos I took from when Allison and I watched the Today Show film in Trafalgar Square.
Here and Here  and another  clicky clicky  last one yay!

Here is the actual link to the segment in case you want to watch it again

So, the day of the wedding Allison, Lauren, Kali and I got up at 5 to go to Hyde Park. We wanted to get a good spot to watch the wedding on these big concert screens they had set up.

When we got there, needless to say we got a great spot.

The schedule for the day.

A lot of people had masks that looked like the members of the royal family.

The Will and Kate flag I got.

There was a band set up too.
Anyway, it was really neat to be in Hyde Park because there were 150,000 people there! The atmosphere was amazing, and I had a really fun time pretending to be British when we sang God Save the Queen.
After the wedding and the kiss, they took a panoramic photo of all of us there. Then we all danced to a song the band played, I think we were trying to set a record for the most people dancing simultaneously. After the kiss these old Word War Two planes flew over London and they circled around right above the park, so that was pretty neat. It was cool to in in a place that was still included in the wedding festivities, but wasn't right by Westminster or Buckingham Palace, cause that would have been crazy!
We left the park shortly after the dancing began, but people stayed there celebrating all day. We all went back to campus, toasted the royal couple and watched the made for TV movie about Will and Kate and highlights from the ceremony online.

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