Sunday, March 6, 2011

 This weekend I visited my friend Hannah's house in Shrewsbury with our friend Julia. (We all got really close last year when Hannah was at the U). I don't really know where exactly in England it is, but it is really close to Wales. We took the train there with a minor glitch. As we were switching trains Hannah accidentally left her purse under her seat. Luckily she notice right away, called the train company and they found it when they swept the train at the next stop. It just meant we had to make a stop in Birmingham. Where I took a picture with this cool bull! And Hannah got her purse back so yay!
The first night we were there we went to a nearby town to go see a movie in this cool little theater.
 Along the way we saw the house Charles Darwin was born in.

 This is the theater we saw the movie in.
Isn't it cool? It is really small, only fits about 50 people. The theater itself is up in the bell tower.
The second day we went over into Wales to Llangollen.  It was really pretty. We had fish and chips, which were AMAZING.
 Then we went to a bridge that over looked the river.
 You can actually go down and walk on the rocks in the river. It was sweet.
Julia on the left and Hannah on the right in the river.

After we left Llangollen we went near an old Roman aqueduct and walked along a trail to go see it. But long story short we walked in the wrong direction cause none of us bothered to read the sign. It didn't really matter though, we got some good pictures from a distance. 
This is Hannah's house.

 There were sheep EVERYWHERE.
On Sunday we walked around Hannah's house, went to the little post office and made our way back to London. This weekend was nice because we all got a chance to relax some. Hannah's parents are so nice, her mom made all this great food, I was constantly stuffed! Her dad showed us around his clinic too, he is a doctor who works with spinal damage. 
If you get spine damage, go to Hannah's dad. He said that if you are paralyzed from the neck down and have a flicker of movement in your toe if you get to his hospital within 72 hours, there is an 80% chance of you walking out, preferably without any kind of surgery if they can help it. Basically because of the health care system here, people can stay in the hospital for the months that is necessary for this kind of therapy. Isn't that cool? 
Anyway, a great weekend. It was nice for the three of us to be all together again. 

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