Wednesday, March 9, 2011

fellow Springfield-ian!

Today and yesterday my friend from Springfield, Nick, was in London! He went to Dublin with his dad and decided to stop by London for a few days, since he was so close. 
On Tuesday we went to St. Paul's cathedral. The chaplain of the church that is on campus has passes that she loans out so we were able to get into the cathedral for free! Once inside we decided to climb to the very top to see a bird's eye view of the city. There are over 500 stairs to the top. And the corridors are really narrow and there is lots of spiral staircases and stuff and by the time we got to the top our legs were shaking!
But we made it! At the top they have a glass window so you can look down at the floor of the cathedral inside. You can't see very well because there was a glare on the glass, but that star is a huge tiled design that is on the ground floor.

This is Nick. This is when we were climbing down from the top, the corridors were so tiny! There were times when we had to duck and walk bent over!

It was amazing to see London from that high up, we could pretty much see every major landmark. And it was actually nice outside Tuesday, so everything even looked pretty.
After we were done at St. Paul's we went to Tower Bridge and Nick went in the Tower of London and on a boat cruise and we met later for dinner at a pub near campus. 
Today we went to the British Museum in the morning. It was fun because that place is seriously  massive, and I have maybe seen 2/3 of it now.
This picture was in the British Museum, it is actually the monastery I went to in Dublin!

So there you go!
Then we went to see Westminster Cathedral, which we couldn't go into because it is Ash Wednesday today, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben and Westminster Abby. 

By Big Ben we stopped at good ol' Abe again (I mean, we really can't function without him can we now?) and I took my picture again, this time wearing a shirt I got in a tourist shop in Springfield. You can't see very well but it has a smiley face with a Lincoln hat and beard and underneath it say "LOL (Land of Lincoln)"
I am hilarious.
Then we walked to Trafalgar Square and had lunch on top of the giant statue that is in front of the National Gallery. 
After lunch we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum and then Nick had to leave to catch his flight. 
A very successful London trip on his part I would say! It was nice to have one of my friends visit, twas fun. 

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