Monday, March 14, 2011

Fire Drill!

This morning in my German Cinema class the fire alarm went off.
So, we all filed out of the building. After standing around for a bit, some men in bright orange vests herded us behind the building. They told us that we had just taken part in an evacuation drill to see how the emergency team in the building would respond.
Apparently we failed. Everyone got out of the building in 5 minutes. Pretty good right? For the entire 5 floor building?
We apparently were supposed to be out in 3.
Then the staff got reprimanded for not taking fire safety classes and, those who had taken classes, for not wearing their special neon vests.
Also everyone had missed the memo that the meeting place was behind the building, not in front or on the side.
Apparently it is printed next to all the fire alarms. They were astounded that we had not all read it. Cause, you know, I read small signs next to fire alarms in my spare time.
They were all taking this rather seriously, but most of the students around were trying really really hard not to laugh.
So, what I learned today is that I do not know how to exit a building properly.
And neither does the rest of the Arts building.

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