Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Go Ape!

On sunday Kali and I went on another trip with the ISH Travel Club (the trip to Bath and Stonehenge earlier this year was through them also). It was to a forest outside of London for a zip line corse in the trees called Go Ape Adventures.
It. Was. Awesome!!!!

After a brief safety/instructional session (in which I was the lucky ginea pig to demonstrate how to use the harness), we were all strapped into our harnesses and let loose in the trees on a corse with 4 sections of mid-air obstecals and 4 zip lines.
The first zip-line I got turned around and kinda crashed landed, as you can see here
its a little shakey, there were some problems when i was uploading it

here is the second zip line, you can see i went straight almost all the way down and even landed properly!

here is an action shot!
 Kali and I waiting to go up in the course.

 These nets were on a "tarzan swing" were you basically strapped yourself to a rope and swung across to crash into said net. awesome!

Here I am demonstrating.

On the last one I gave my camera to Kali so she could get some of me actually doing the course.
her was one of the tarzan swings, it was the biggest one.

and here is the last zip line.
ignore my right leg, I was trying not to turn around and it was going all over the place.

yup! the course took about 2-2 1/2 hours to complete.
After that we walked around the park a little and headed back into London.
A very good study break from writing 2 essays I would say,

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